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Demo Paddles

If you are located in Calgary or area, or plan on going to Calgary shortly, we offer FREE paddle demos for you to try out.

How to Try our Demos:

1. Find the paddles your would like to try

Throughout our website you can find a wide variety of Selkirk Paddles that you can demo.

2. Fill out our demo form

Simply enter your full name, phone number we can text you at, and the paddles you want to try and we will contact you so that you can try our demos.

No Deposit Needed!
It's that simple!

Unavailable Demos

Selkirk Vanguard Power Series, Selkirk SLK Atlas, Wooden Paddles.

Note: Some Vanguard Hybrid demos may only be a specific weight i.e. midweight only.

Demo Form

Let's Get Started

Thanks for submitting!
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