Pickleball Strategies Clinic

...for Competitive Players

This clinic introduces competitive players to smart Pickleball strategies to help you gain an advantage over your opponents

You may not be able to get younger, faster, or stronger but you can play Smarter! This clinic introduces competitive players to smart Pickleball strategies to help you gain an advantage over your opponents. We'll focus on strategies during game play so the majority of our time will concentrate on letting you test out and practice these tactics during real game scenarios. What a perfect opportunity to get better as a partnership!

From the very first shot, if you're thoughtful and start smart you can set yourself up for more points and less errors. This clinic focuses less on your technique and more on your thought processes, helping you identify what might be getting you into trouble in your game. Once you recognize some of these patterns, we'll introduce some new approaches to the same plays that will minimize your errors and give you the upper hand in your games!

Some things we will focus on...

  • Starting Smart (Service / Return Strategies to Get the Upper Hand)

  • Playing the Probabilities

  • Partner Communication

  • Anticipating Shots & Being in the Right Spot

  • Playing from the Land of Opportunity

  • Targeting your Opponent's Body

  • Stacking, Switching, & Poaching

  • Point Construction

  • Speed Ups in the Kitchen

  • Offensive Lobs

  • Introduction to Specialty Shots (ATP, Ernie, Bert, & Others)

"The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do"

- Michael Porter

Pickleball Strategies Clinic Details

  • Dates: January 4, 11, 18, & 25 (4 Weeks included)

  • Duration: 2 Hours per Lesson / 4 Weeks (Total of 8 Hours)

  • Location: Genesis Place, Airdrie (800 East Lake Blvd NE, Airdrie)

  • Equipment: Demo Paddles Available to Use during the Lessons for Free (Please wear appropriate court shoes)

  • FormatThis Clinic is Unique... based on game play strategies. Therefore, the instruction will all be within the context of the game, so there will be lots of games being played with intentional instruction presented at the beginning and interjected throughout.


Please review the COVID-19 protocols page. By making payment, you are acknowledging you have read, will abide by, and understand you forfeit your fees if you fail to comply with all the facility and instructor COVID-19 requirements. 

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