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Mini Pickleball Paddle (Riley's Paddle)
  • Mini Pickleball Paddle (Riley's Paddle)

    Riley's Paddle


    The Selkirk Mini Pickleball Paddle is the perfect way to get even the littlest hands on a pickleball paddle their size. It has always been said that pickleball is a game for all ages, and this pint-sized paddle truly validates that statement. There isn’t any little pickleballer that wouldn’t look adorable with a pickleball paddle shrunk down to his or her size! While it’s not USAPA approved for tournament use or meant as a child’s toy, any wee one with this paddle is sure to receive the “aww” chorus every time they walk onto the court. Includes free mini-pickleball.

    The Selkirk Mini Pickleball Paddle is a miniature version of the Selkirk Pickleball Paddle. Of course, the specs are miniature as well. 

    Please note: This is meant to be a fun novelty item and is not designed to withstand actual pickleball play. 

      C$40.00 Regular Price
      C$24.95Sale Price
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