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Gamma Honeycomb Grip - Blue

Gamma Honeycomb Grip - Blue

The GAMMA Premium Honeycomb Cushion Overgrip is perfect to enhance your connection with your paddle. The honeycomb perforated surface helps to wick away moisture, while maintaining a fantastic tackiness- some might even say “fan-tacky!” Our Honeycomb Cushion grip is extra durable and comes in different colors so that you can match your grip to your favorite pickleball paddle- matching perfectly, of course, with paddles in the GAMMA lineup.

Grip length of 31″: Ideal for every pickleball paddle
Designed and created to maintain tacky and absorbent feel
Perforated surface helps to wick away moisture
GAMMA Pickleball grips are on 9 out of 10 paddles in the industry! If you aren’t playing a GAMMA grip, get one and feel the difference in your paddle immediately; improved feel, control and comfort!

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