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How to Choose the Right Paddle for You!


Just Beginning?


We want to help you make a great first Paddle purchase... so let us do 3 things to help you:

  1. Recommendations - Check out these recommendations from beginners just like you who have purchased their first Paddle and are loving it!

  2. Education - Pickleball Paddles have a core material (the guts) and a material on the face of the paddle (the finish). The most popular core material is Polymer, a material that looks like honeycombs from a bee hive. If the surface is a Graphite or Carbon material, it will likely have more control and spin. If the surface is a Composite material, it will likely have more pop and power. 

  3. Consultation - Still not sure? Email us and let us help you with your decision. It's free to contact us and we want you to find the right paddle!​

Played Pickleball Before?


Buy a quality paddle that will stand the test of time by considering these 3 tips:

  1. Buy for Tomorrow Today - Commit to a paddle of quality that will grow with you as your skills improve. If you buy the cheapest model, you may find it stagnates your game as you get better! This may save you buying a second paddle in another few months!

  2. Tournament Ready - Buy a paddle that is approved by the USA Pickleball Association by confirming it's approved on this list. Then, if you ever want to join a tournament (and you may be surprised to discover you might), you'll be ready and won't need to invest in another paddle.

  3. Quality Protected - Buy a paddle with a quality warranty from manufacturer defects. That way, if the paddle has a defect, the manufacturer will replace it at no cost to you. We only carry quality paddles from trusted manufacturers, but feel free to check it out for yourself on the manufacturer's own website.



Be sure to check out the links above to recommended paddles for you!

Set Up a Free Date to DEMO a Paddle

Some say you don't actually chose a paddle, the paddle chooses you... So set up a date with your new suitors by taking advantage of our Demo Date Program!

My boys and I travel to play with clubs all over and bring a variety of paddles for you to try out. Within an hour (and sometimes even within minutes), I believe you'll fall in love with your new paddle!

For more information or to arrange a Demo DateContact Us by Email


We carry all the High-Performance paddles made by Selkirk Sport, the leading Pickleball Paddles in the Sport!

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