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Pickleball Lessons

Calgary & Surrounding Areas

Whether you're a beginner wanting to learn Pickleball, a social player looking to improve and have fun, or a competitive player interested in winning strategies, Sponsored Selkirk player Shawn Radford can help you...

Shawn was the 2019 Alberta Provincial Singles 5.0 Gold Medalist, a USA Nationals Gold Medalist and has competed in dozens of tournaments across Canada and the USA including Ontario, Alberta, Utah, Arizona, California, Idaho, Washington, Montana and others. 

Shawn is a student of the game... taking group or one-on-one lessons with World Pickleball Pros such as Tyson McGuffin, Jennifer Lucore, Dave Weinbach, Rob Davidson and others. Shawn utilizes the lessons learned and drills the Pros use to help his students work on their technique, increase their Pickleball IQ, and have fun while drilling! 

Grab a spot in one of the upcoming Clinics, or gather some friends for your own private cohort lesson... perhaps even a one-on-one training session. Need more info? Just text or email Shawn at...


To book a lesson please text or email Shawn:



Coaches Paddle:

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Intro to Pickleball

...for New Players

Start off with an advantage by learning the proper technique, fundamentals, and basic strategy of the game.


Pickleball Principles

...for Social Amateurs

Pickleball is built on principles... learn them now and you'll build a solid foundation for the more advanced plays in Pickleball


Pickleball Strategies

...for Competitive Players

This clinic introduces competitive players to smart Pickleball strategies to help you gain an advantage over your opponents

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